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Integrate with GOV.UK One Login’s integration environment

Before you can use GOV.UK One Login, you need to build a proof of concept client and explore the end-to-end journey in our integration environment. This will help you understand how to integrate with GOV.UK One Login, and where it will fit within your service.

  1. Choose the level of authentication for your service.
  2. Generate a key pair.
  3. Choose which user attributes your service can request.
  4. Manage your service’s configuration with GOV.UK One Login.
  5. Integrate with Authorization Code Flow.
  6. Log your users out of GOV.UK One Login.
  7. Test your integration with GOV.UK One Login.

To get started, you’ll need to choose the level of authentication for your service.

This page was last reviewed on 1 November 2021.