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Before you integrate with GOV.UK One Login

When you plan your integration with GOV.UK One Login, you should consider:

  • how many services within your organisation you’re planning to integrate
  • if your services need to share users, in case you’re integrating more than 1 service
  • if you need to create a reusable component to standardise integration across your organisation, in case you’re integrating a large number of services
  • what the scope of your individual services is and whether this meets the GOV.UK Service Standard definition of a service

Make sure you scope your services according to the GOV.UK Service Standard guidance on how users think and what they need to do. Find more information on scoping your service.

Before you can start integrating with GOV.UK One Login, you need to:

To get started, you’ll need to choose the level of authentication for your service.

This page was last reviewed on 15 September 2023.